$24.99/mth Gold Membership (800 AVAILABLE)

$24.99/mth Gold Membership (800 AVAILABLE)

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Once signed up, you will be charged $24.99 for a full monthly subscription which will arrive via chosen email. Within the email will be the option to sign up for text alerts and/or to join our private Facebook Group, so that you may stay informed and be notified at least 24 hours prior to every monthly store inventory replenishment.


    • Gold Members: gain access up to 20% off all gift card purchases within the Gold Members Collection as well as 10% on all gift cards within the Platinum Members Collection
    • Gift Card Balances: you'll have a $100 maximum purchasing limit on gift cards. If you would like to purchase beyond the $100 cap limit, you must upgrade to a Diamond, Velvet or Royalty Membership.
    • Rivval Rewards: With your paid membership comes rewards. Your Rivval Rewards work in tandem with your purchases. All of your purchases are tallied so that each time you spend on the site, you'll earn 2% back in Reward Dollars (essentially $2.00 for every $100) to be used towards anything within our online store excluding membership subscriptions, but you do earn Rivval Rewards each time your subscription renews.
      How Rivval Rewards work;
  • you will receive 2% in Rivval Rewards points (our digital currency) that you may spend within our online store. Example; if you spend $100, you now have $2 in Rivval Rewards. Those points are added to your rewards account and can be used during any of your next purchases with no blackout dates or exclusions or excuses. WARNING!!! If a member attempts to make a large purchase only to receive a high total of reward points and then said member cancels their large purchased, we will cancel their transaction(s), terminate their membership(s) and blacklist them.
  • Membership Cancellations Policy: there are only a few rules for Rivval Rewards that can have you banned if broken. Account sharing is a no, no. Sign up for a second household account if need be to maximize your purchasing powers. Even though the rewards will tally individually per account, that's well within the rules. If you miss a monthly payment, the system will try and withdraw again in 3 days time. If it still does not pull, we will reach out and work with you on the issue. If we do not make contact with you, your membership level will be terminated and reissued back into the program and made available for a new subscribed member.
  • Gifting or Transferring Your Membership: your membership can be gifted to another individual or transferred to a loved one (must be a human being). Simply reach out to our team via email at info@rivval.shop and we will begin your process right away.